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Picture this: it’s a beautiful warm summer’s day. There’s not a cloud in the wonderful blue sky.  And you’re lying on the luscious summer grass watching your new sheep. Watching them potter about and chew their cud. What a way to kill a lazy sunny afternoon.

The birds are tweeting, and butterflies flit from flower to flower. And swallows dance around the cloudless sky and over the sunny meadows.

Watching your flock on days like this is something that most people just don’t get. It’s an experience they’ll never have.

Tonight is a special night. Your friends and family are round for barbecue and you’re planning to serve them one of your lambs. It’ll be a chance to show them what quality lambs tastes like.

Lamb that you raised… Lamb that you produced… Lamb that you had slaughtered…

You’re pleased with the results – your care and dedication have paid off.

You’ve produced meat so good that Michelin Chef would be proud to serve it

You’ve tested your lamb a few weeks before. It was delicious. It melted in your mouth. It was lean, and the meat fell off the bone when cut. It was far tastier than supermarket bought stuff. Better than a lot of butchers cuts too.

Your freezer is full of lamb meat. Enough to last you months. You’ll likely end up selling some to your friends and making a tidy profit as well.

Your friends laughed when you said you were going buy some sheep. But when they taste the lamb you cook that night, they said it the best they had ever tasted.

And they want to know if you’re going to sell any.

Does this sound good? If your answers ‘yes’, why not get in touch about the sheep and lambs that we sell. Because if you do, it could be you in this story. Click here to send us an email or phone: 01282 420906.

Don’t worry. When you contact us you’re not committing to buy anything. We’ll listen to what you want and make sure you get the best sheep and lambs your setup/land

How you can own profitable, easy-to-keep, and healthy sheep

Question: Have you ever bought a set of cheap pens for writing, instead of buying one quality one?

I know I have. You get them home and they last 2 minutes before they stop working. In the end, you end up going through the whole packet. Whereas, if you’d have bought a quality pen in the first place it’ll often work for months, or even years.

When buying sheep and lambs it’s the same.

You can buy cheap sheep from auctions, classifieds and other suppliers. You might save a couple of quid.

But you could get hit in the pocket later with:

  • Vets bills – Cheap animals are often sickly and it can cost to keep them alive
  • Poor prices when you try to sell your sheep at the market, or sell to other shepherds
  • Smaller cuts of meat – Cheap sheep & lambs will result in smaller cuts of meat. Or fatty cuts of meat. The cuts you can get at the supermarket will be better and cheaper

If you buy quality sheep, you find:

  • They get sick less – You won’t have to inject them with antibiotics as often. Healthy sheep means less vets’ bills. And as we all know, vets aren’t cheap (and they don’t always work).
  • A reduced chance of your sheep and lambs dying – Sheep have a death wish at the best of times. Sheep that’re in a poor condition, more so. Every sheep dying will cost you money. Money to replace your dead animal. And money to dispose of the carcass (around £35-£60). And you can’t sell a dead sheep or have it slaughtered – that’s an extra cost too.
  • Healthy sheep are easier to maintain – That means less frequent backbreaking hoof trimming. Not having to remove rotten teeth. Less chance of having to drain an abscess. I think you’d agree it’s best to minimise these tough jobs.

If you are looking to make your sheep keeping easier, more fun, and more profitable? The answer: spending more on your animals.

This works. Because you avoid the cost, the stress, and the heartbreaking losses that happen when you keep poor quality sheep and lambs.

Also, if you plan to keep a flock for years, it’s often a good idea to buy the best animals you can afford. Why? Because you’ll have minimised the probability of health problem occurring from the beginning due to the fact you’ve bought fit animals at the start. Over the long term this advantage really starts to add up.

The sheep we sell are not the cheapest sheep. And they are not the most expensive either (like pedigree sheep and lambs). Our sheep are good quality… Our sheep are profitable to sell at auction… And our sheep produce a large amount of meat that tastes bloody excellent.

Sheep Breeds Sold by Kippax Farms

We stock the following sheep breeds on our 180 acre farm in the Lancashire hills:

  • Suffolk
  • Texel
  • Charollais
  • Mule
  • Blue Leicester Crosses

All our ewes are 1/2 crosses or 3/4 crosses. Crossbred sheep like ours can survive harsher climates, compared to pedigree breeds.

Pedigree sheep are fine if you have nice land and a warm climate. But if you don’t, you’ll need something else. Something like the breeds we produce. Because our sheep are survivors.

We pay upwards of £500 for every pedigree ram we buy. And we travel far and wide to make sure we get the best for our money.

We’ve been buying sheep for 40 years so we know what we are looking for in a ram. And when you buy sheep from us you are buying 40 years worth of work and genetics.

We breed around 180 ewes every year on our farm. Resulting in around 400 lambs per year. Our lamb price varies depending on weight, and time of year. Send us an email today to find out what the current price is. Just click here to send us that email.

These numbers are out of the reach of many small time breeders. And it means if you choose to buy sheep/lambs from us, you’ll have diverse range of to choose from.

And we’ll make sure you pick the perfect sheep and lambs for your setup. We’ll help you make the right choice and ensure you get off to the best possible start.

And with the help of our free blog tutorials, you’ll learn how to keep a successful flock just like we do.

Read enough? Would you like to buy our sheep or lambs (or ask us a question)? Click below and send us a message (it’ll only take you 30 secs):

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Or call: 01282 420906

25 reasons why to buy your sheep from us

We have lots of sheep for sale. We have even more lambs for sale too. And now we’d like to give you a big list of reasons to choose us when purchasing sheep and lambs. They are:

  1. You’ll have over 400 lambs to choose from. Lambs with good genetics. Lambs with great parents
  2. Our sheep are 1/2 crosses or 3/4 cross. We only use big commercial breeds. You’ll find that cross bred sheep are tougher. You’ll have a better chance of them surviving lambing and cold weather. This is important if you plan to lamb you sheep outside
  3. We have tried loads of different sheep breeds over the years. We’ve found the crosses we produce finish quicker. You can get them in the market, and sold, far quicker than your rivals
  4. We lamb earlier than most farms. We also lamb inside because we have buildings big enough to house our flock. We have lambs for sale far sooner than most farms. If you are looking for store lambs to sell, this could give you competitive edge over other people. You can get them fattened up and sell them at auction quicker
  5. Our sheep are crosses of the heavy commercial breeds. Once ready for slaughter they will be heavy. Resulting in a better price for you when sold
  6. Bigger sheep mean bit cuts of meat. If you’re going to the trouble of raising and slaughtering your own sheep, you might as well raise big ones. Why? Because you’ll get your money’s worth.
  7. We vaccinate our sheep and lambs against Clostridial diseases. Diseases like: Lamb dysentery, Pulpy Kidney, Braxy, Black Leg, and Tetanus
  8. All our sheep and lambs come wormed
  9. We run our sheep on 180 acres of land. This allows us to rotational graze our sheep. Grazing sheep like this helps to minimise worm egg re-infestation. It’s a natural way to help prevent worm problems in sheep
  10. All sheep sold have a good set of teeth. Sheep need decent teeth, otherwise they cannot feed and put on weight properly. Sheep with excellent teeth stand a better chance of producing big healthy lambs. Ewes with good gnashes will eat more and produce more milk for their lambs
  11. All our sheep and lambs have their tails clipped (dagged). This helps to prevent deadly blowfly strike that’s a menace during the warm months. Fly strike is prone in sheep/lambs with long tails and mucky bums. Fly strike can kill an animal if not treated. Prevention goes a long way to minimise fly strike losses. That’s why we dock and trim ALL our sheep. Even if you don’t buy sheep from us, get this done during the warmer months
  12. We drench our sheep/lambs for liver fluke. If you keep your sheep near streams, wet land, or rivers, this will affect you. Fluke, if left, will kill an animal. So, drenching for fluke is a must during the wetter seasons
  13. We regular trim our sheep and bathe their feet every few weeks. And we use a range of treatments to prevent lameness in animals. Lame sheep cannot feed and put on weight effectively.  This makes them poor mothers and reduces their slaughter weight. We’ll make sure you get sheep with four good working hoofs
  14. We take good care of our sheep. We provide them with mineral blocks. Rotate them onto fresh grass when it goes bare. And ensure all our sheep have access to mains water (reducing the chances of liver fluke infestation)
  15. We sell sheep that are a healthy weight. When sold at market our sheep score is around 4 which is optimum. A sheep that’s too thin will often produce small lambs – or even abort them. Fat sheep are lazy. They produce lambs that are too big to be birthed naturally. Increasing the chances of a costly C-section at the vets. Sheep sold by us are at the ‘goldilocks weight’: not too fat, not too thin – but just right. Making them much healthier, easier to lamb, and worth more at auction
  16. We sell sheep with two working udders. If a sheep has one working udder it will struggle to raise two, or more lambs. The lambs can starve. Two working udders increases the chances the ewe can raise two big lambs. It also gives the ewe a better chance at raising 3 lambs without human help
  17. Our average lambing percentage is over 200%. We are in the top 10% of sheep breeders at this level. Buy breeding ewes from us, and we’ll explain how we achieve this and we’ll show you how to do the same
  18. We castrate all our lambs. You can buy mixed pairs from us. NO chance of interbreeding, or unintentional breeding. Castrated males will result in your meat tasting better too. Un-castrated males taint the meat and making it taste funny (it’s also harder to sell too)
  19. Our sheep are all hornless breeds. It makes them easy to handle. You’re also less likely to be injured by them because they can’t cut you with their horns.
  20. All our sheep come fully tagged and follow current UK legislation. Buy sheep from us and we’ll make sure you fill in your paper work correctly. We’ll stop you getting in trouble with the law
  21. Our sheep produce a good fleece. It might not be merino wool, but it’s still worth more than other breeds. They are an easy breed to trim too, due to our breeds being more docile than some wild rare breeds
  22. The sheep we sell aren’t flighty, and they can’t jump high like some small rare breeds. Small rare breed sheep can be escape artists. Escapee sheep can be a costly pain in the backside. You’ll waste time trying to catch them (I guarantee this will happen on cold and dark rainy night). And you might have to spend money on higher fences to keep your escapees contained. Our sheep are big and heavy – making them less prone to scaling walls and fences
  23. Our sheep have regular contact with humans. We check our flock every day so they’re used to a human presence. They don’t panic much when approached. So they’re less likely to jump over fences when you need to move them.
  24. When you visit our farm you can see how professional farmers keep their sheep. We’ve 40 years experience. You can see the conditions our sheep are kept in (this is something that you can’t do when buying sheep from an auction)
  25. We’ll make you a nice brew for making the effort to come to our farm

Had enough? Would you like to buy our sheep (or ask us a few questions)? Click below and send us a message (why not make it the next thing you do):

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Or phone: 01282 420906

Award Winning Lambs

We are constantly winning awards for our lambs and sheep. And you could too.

Here’s a few of the ones we’ve won over the years from our local sheep auctions…

Our lambs won these awards. They were competing against 100’s sheep when they won

If you want to win awards you need good genetics. And our award winning lambs could be just the ticket.

Our lambs also make more at auction as well. Why not get in touch today about them. Just click here and send us a message (it’ll only take 30 seconds). Or phone 01282 420906

Nature’s Lawn Mowers – Pet Sheep and Lambs for the Family

Sheep and Lambs are fantastic way to naturally keep the grass short. They’re nature’s lawn mowers.

If you’d like a few sheep for pets, pleasure, or to keep the grass short – get in touch.

We often sell sheep and lambs as family pets. And that’s fine with us.

Don’t be scared to get in touch with us about if you want a couple of sheep as pets.

We’ll make sure you get healthy animals that will give you and the family lots of pleasure for years to come.

You can buy boys and girls from us. We castrate all our boys so you can keep a mixed pair if you wish.

Having a castrated male as a pet means he’ll be less liable to escape (and have his way with any ladies nearby). It can be stressful having a ram that keeps breaking through fences to get to ewes. It can cost you in fence repairs. And you could end up forking out for abortions for your neighbours’ ewes.

People often buy cheap when they want a pet sheep. This can be a mistake.

Buying good quality animals over cheap sheep can have lots of advantages. Such as:

  • Less chance of you having to inject your sheep with drugs to keep them fit and well
  • Keeping healthy animals decreases the chances of expensive trips to the vets
  • Can survive tougher conditions. Less chance of you and your family finding your beloved pet dead one morning

If you are looking for animals that will organically manage your grass, get in touch. We’re happy to help provide you with animals that will do this efficiently and live for years to come.

Also, we’ll give you a few pointers to make sure they remain easy to handle when the lambs have grown up.

Buying Sheep From the Auctions or Classifieds Can Cost You in Other Ways…

You don’t have to buy your sheep and lambs from us. You can always try the auctions, classifieds or other breeders.

There are sheep breeders out there with better stock than ours. But it’s often expensive, and they might not provide comprehensive service like ours. And they won’t have a helpful Blog like ours too.

Buying from auction and classifieds is another option. But it has risks, like:

  • Buy from an auction you’ll have no idea how your new sheep were treated. They could have diseases hidden inside them. This could make your other animals ill and kill them.
  • An auction is a bidding process. If you go on a busy day, and more people are bidding, you will end up paying more.
  • When you pick up your sheep from our farm you’ll find there’s plenty of room for your cow trailer. If you’re not the best driver with the trailer on, it can be an uncomfortable experience collecting your sheep at auction. They’ll be loads of farmers watching you manoeuvre your trailer. Get it wrong and it could be embarrassing. But, pick up your sheep from our farm, and you’ll only have us to deal with. And we’ll give you a hand if you’re not the best driver.

You could buy sheep from someone who’s inexperienced… Someone who cannot answer your questions… Someone who lacks practical experience.

We have 40 years of experience of practical, hands-on, sheep keeping.

We’re used to explaining to beginners about the best ways to take care of sheep. And, unlike most, we provide lots of helpful free advice on our blog. Even if you forget what we tell you on collection day, you’ll be able to find the info for free on our website.

You could end up buying expensive sheep that might not be suitable for your land, or allotment. This can happen with pedigree breeds.

Did you know pedigree sheep can die easily?

If it’s cold, wet, and wild during winter where you live, pedigree sheep might not be the best idea.

I think you’d agree that the climate in the UK is changing for the worse.

You only have to remember the devastating floods that happen every few years to see evidence of this. Wouldn’t you agree?

Pedigree sheep and lambs struggle in tough, wet and cold weather. This is especially so when running up to lambing time.

The colder and more vicious your local climate is, the more this will affect you.

Pedigree sheep have a habit of just ‘giving up’ when faced with adverse conditions. This can result in ill animals, costly trips to the vets, and dead lambs.

And the risks increase further if you plan to lamb outside.

If a sheep dies during lambing it might take the lambs with it. You’d agree that this is traumatic experience to be avoided. Plus, you’ll have to pay to dispose of the carcass.

Do you think the weather is getting worse during the winter where you live? If the answer is a ‘yes’ you should consider a tougher breed like ours.

We’re not saying our sheep are immune to bad things happening to them. No sheep are. But by having a mix of genetics we have found they tend to more resilient.

You only have to look at the dog world for evidence of what a closed genetic pool can do to an animal. Look at the problems Dalmatians face by having bad genes. They are routinely born blind, deaf, and ill.

Nature favours diverse genes. It allows her to pick the best features from a wider variation of sources. Resulting in a stronger, fitter, and healthier animal. And that’s what we’ve done with the sheep we sell.

And I think you’d agree that this is a wise choice to make?

Sheep with 40 years of Genetics and Providence

It’s taken us 40 years to produce animals with great characteristics. It would take you even longer to achieve the same results. Why? Because you don’t have the scale and the number of animals we do.

You can buy cheaper animals than ours. But you’ll find that cheaper sheep and lambs will give you:

Inconsistent results… vets bills… sickly looking lambs that’ll die at the first sign of bad weather…

Why waste your limited time on poor performing animals. You only have a limited amount of spare time in your day. It’s a better idea to put that valuable time and effort into quality animals (like ours).

Try our sheep out on your land and you’ll leapfrog ahead of other shepherds in performance.

Saving you time… money… and the stress of figuring this out yourself.

When visiting our farm you get to see how farmers of 40 years keep their sheep. You can see how they’re kept. And you’ll get to see how are they’re handled.

And you’ll be free to ask questions about your new flock members too.

You cannot do all this stuff if you buy your sheep at auction.

When you buy sheep from us we offer plain English advice. We don’t talk in incomprehensible ‘vet’ speak that you won’t be able to understand.

We’re not educated idiots who’ve learned all we know from a couple of books. Our experience has been passed down through generations.

Our experience was learned in the trenches… Discovered with hands on experience… Revealed by way of painstaking hard work and research that’s taken decades.

Why not save yourself 40 years of hard work, mistakes, and problems and try our sheep today. Click here to send us an email now (why not send us that email today). Or call 01282 420906.

You could have sheep and lambs on your land in a matter of days

So, whether you are just starting on your sheep journey.

Or you are just looking to expand your existing flock.

Or you’re looking for a few lawnmowers to keep the grass trim.

We can help.

Choose Kippax Farm Sheep. You won’t regret it. You’ll be off to a great start. Because you’ll have bought quality sheep, with great genetics, from farmers with 40 years of experience.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. And we’ll also provide you with continuous help and support with our website and blog.

You’ll find that keeping sheep the right way is a fun hobby the whole family can get involved with. It can be an addictive pastime too, and soon you’ll be wanting more.

It’s satisfying rearing your own livestock. And it something that most people don’t understand or ever get to experience. But you can.

Also, rearing your own sheep can be a great way to educate children about where meat actually comes from.

And just imagine: serving your friends and family with meat that you’ve reared yourself. Impressing them with lambs chops that are big, delicious and sourced naturally. Lamb that melts in the mouth and falls of the bone. Lamb like this is the perfect accompaniment for BBQ… For that special meal… Or to enjoyed with a couple of pints beer (or a glass of wine)…

And raising you own sheep can help to reduce your dependency on the supermarkets too.

If buy from us you’ll be supporting British farming at the same time. And you’ll be helping a local business as well.

Do You Want to Buy Our Sheep or Lambs? Just Get In Touch

Don’t delay ordering your sheep from us. Although most our lambs are of a good size. The very best ones always get sold first – and sell out fast.

So send us that email before you forget, otherwise you could miss out.

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PS: We offer discounts if you buy a few sheep off us. Please contact us for discounts information.

PPS: We aim to answer any questions within 24 hrs. So please check your inbox the next day after sending us a message.