Continuing with our guides on useful sites for farming and smallholders, we now have a ‘head to head’ against two of the UK’s biggest bird and poultry classified sites – and

Anyone who’s been selling poultry for a while will have heard of Preloved and Birdtrader. They’re two of the biggest websites where you can buy and sell poultry and birds. They’re usually the first place most people look when they’re planning to buy new stock, and the first place they try when selling stock.

Today we’re going to look at these two websites and find the one best for buying and selling poultry. We’ll be looking at what each site has to offer, and analysing both of their free and premium services.

These two busy sites can be a great place for to start when getting into the business of selling birds, poultry and accessories.

About &

Firstly, a little background on these sites.

In 1998,, was founded. Since then it’s grown to be one of the UKs biggest online classified advertising sites. It’s estimated to be one of the UKs top ten-thousand busiest sites. The site itself has over five hundred categories to choose from, and is used by individuals and businesses to buy and sell various goods. was established in 2006 and has quickly grown to be one of UK most popular sites for birds and poultry. Unlike Preloved the site is purely about buying and selling birds, bird related services and products. The site is owned by Friday Media Group Limited who also own the sister sites Poultry Ads, Pigeon Ads, Bird of Prey Ads, Dogs & Puppies UK, FarmingAds, Horsemart UK, Homegrown Christmas trees.

Friday Media Group does own the site – a site dedicated to selling poultry, this website was only established in 2009. It’s a far smaller site than Birdtrader and would be an unfair comparison to You can sell all manner of poultry on both sites, however, is by far the busiest and most established of the two.

If you’ve kept poultry for years most people have heard of It’s usually the top on most peoples of places when they are buying and selling poultry. There’s a reason for this; the sites easy to use, has a very large and has an active poultry guides section, and you can filter your results based on location. You can also join the Preloved community via their forums.

Filtering You Results

Regarding site features, filtering your results based your location is a useful tool on any classifieds website. There’s nothing worse than finding a bargain on a classified site, contacting the seller, only to learn that they live at the far end of the country.

Also, for sellers, location based filtering increases the likelihood of you finding buyers near you: increasing your chances of a sale and helping minimize transportation costs.

The Free Accounts and Premium Accounts

Although, you can buy items with a free account there are limitations. The main ones are that buyers cannot respond to adverts until they have been listed for ten days.

The free selling accounts also have other restrictions. They are limited to displaying only three pictures of their items, you cannot add YouTube videos to your adverts, and you cannot add hyperlinks to your listing. Also, banner advertisements are listed alongside your free advert, you cannot change the background of your ad, and your advert is less likely to appear at the top of its category listing.

However, their premium services are fairly cheap; £5 per year for buyers: £25 for sellers.

The benefits for premium buyers are that you can respond to adverts immediately, there’s no need wait ten days and miss a bargain.

Sellers get some good features for the money, including; unlimited pictures in listings, no banner advertisements displayed alongside your ads, priority placements in Preloved’s category listings, and the ability to embed YouTube videos, the ability to add a hyperlinks with your adverts, and you can change the colour and background of your ad so it stands out.

Preloved also has location filters; with Preloved simply enter your postcode when you join and it automatically displays the results nearest your location.

Premium Plans, are they worth it?

Are paid Preloved plans worth it? That depends on your circumstances. If you use the sites to buy and sell things frequently, then i’d say yes. Their premium service is cheap, although infrequent sellers would have to sell quite a bit of stock before they would make their £25 outlay back.

Website owners can benefit from the ability to embed links and Youtube videos with their premium adverts. Preloved can be a great source of web traffic when you embed your sites hyperlink in one of your adverts. I’ve had a substantial amount of hits per day, coming from Preloved, to my poultry websites. Also, adding a good-quality YouTube video to your adverts can really improve the rate of inquires you get.

Preloved Conclusion

One area where Preloved differs over Birdtrader is that you have to renew your adverts. This is to ensure that your advert will appear at the top of its category listing. The site itself recommends you should do this daily to maximize your adverts performance. This is a simple process which involves going to the advert management page, ticking a box and hitting the renew button.

Another good thing about Preloved is that the site allows you to buy and sell almost anything. I usually stick my items on Preloved before listing them on EBay, as there are no fees involved (aside from the premium membership) when buying and selling goods. Also, your advert is listed indefinitely; it’s not limited to a numbers of days (like EBay).

When buying and selling poultry, Preloved is a great place to start. The free accounts are great for infrequent sellers and buyers; more serious users will benefit from the premium accounts features which aren’t badly priced. The site has a very active poultry section so it shouldn’t take you long to find a good deal, or to find a buyer for your birds. is a website aimed towards the buying and selling of birds and poultry. Like Preloved the site is free to use, but it also has the option of a premium account.

The site shares similar features to Preloved; it’s easy to use, has location-based listings, and you can display photographs with your listing. Bird Trader allows you to include a YouTube video for free with your listing: this is only available with the premium account Preloved. Another nice feature is that the site displays a map with your listings.

The Differences

Unlike Preloved, you cannot display a hyperlink to a website with your advert. However, the site does have a business directory that allows you to permanently list a business and its web address. It also allows you to link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

For buyers, Birdtrader offers similar features Preloved. It’s easy to use and you can filter results based on location. Unlike Preloved, buyers don’t have to purchase a premium buying membership to able to respond immediately to any new advertisements. secure phone numbers

One of the features where this site differs from the Preloved is its use of phone numbers. For sellers, it automatically changes your adverts phone number into a secure number. This is a phone number with a ‘07’ prefix, this number is a temporary number assigned to your advert. Once your advert is removed, the secure number disappears, and it’s no longer valid. This is a great feature for sellers as it protects your phone number being harvested. This feature is sadly absent Preloved.

On Preloved you can optionally include a personal phone number with an advert. However, there are no options on the site to display a secure phone number in its place. Phone numbers on Preloved are only visible to registered members (they cannot be seen by the public).

Birdtrader buyers need to be aware that it costs 50p per minute to call a secure numbers. You’re also automatically billed for a full minute when a call is answered. If you’re planning to make many phone calls, and talk to a lot of people about their stock, the costs can quickly add up. If you’re going to contact a lot of sellers, I’d recommend trying to email them first, and save yourself some money. Premium Account does have a premium membership that’s £72 per year. As a premium member your adverts will always be listed above all free adverts, you also can create a mini site, and offer news and discounts with your listing. Your advert will also automatically refresh every three days, it also has a chance of appearing on their home page (great for exposure).

You can pay for individual upgrades for your adverts without having to buy a premium account. The paid upgrades involve making your advert more visible by changing its background colour; you can also make your advert flash. Similar features are available with the Preloved premium account.


Birdtrader is great site and offers a lot. The traffic on the site is highly targeted and this will help convert more people into sales. The business listing section is great feature too.

The site has other helpful areas on it, these include; an A-Z on birds, bird related videos section, contests, and listing of bird shows and contests. It also has a forum and chat room. There are other features but these are the main ones. You can check them out by clicking here.

 The Winner

There wasn’t much to choose among these two massive sites. But there can only be one winner.

Preloved is the winner of our head to head. The reasons for this are:

  1. It’s a bigger site.
  2. The premium account is cheaper than its rival
  3. You use your premium account to sell other items

My only two criticisms of Preloved are that you cannot use a secure number with the site, and you have to renew your items daily to ensure they stay at the top of their categories.

Both sites are great and are probably the best out there for this task. But I think Preloved just pips Birdtrader to the post with the cheaper membership. It’s worth noting that you can post your adverts on both sites, I usually do. However, if I was looking to buy just one premium membership, I’d go with Preloved.

So that’s it. I hope you liked my review and find it useful.

Do you use Preloved or Birdtrader? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I have used both sites before but I always get way more response from Birdtrader. When I list on Preloved I get a lot more scam emails come in

    • I know what you mean. I usually get the classic: ‘i’ll send you a check, i’ve organise a courier to pick it on my behalf, please send me you goods so they can disappear without a trace’. I think Loot is probably the worst for this type of scam.


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