broody hen

What is a Broody Hen?

What is a Broody Chicken? How can you tell if your hen is just sitting or has gone broody? Click Here to learn more about broodies and their behavior
mixing hens

How Do I Introduce New Chickens to My Flock?

Introducing new chickens to an existing flock can be tricky. Often mixing new birds results in fights, squabbles, and occasionally the drawing of blood....
chicken feeders

If You Read One Article About Poultry Feeders Read this One

Choosing the right poultry feeder can save you money, by reducing feed waste.In this tutorial we show you several feeders and cover their pro & cons

6 of the Best Automatic Chicken Drinkers

Automatic chicken drinkers are a great way to make the daily choir of watering easier. We review 6 water feeders and show you the best way to use them.
chicken drinkers

Manual Poultry & Chicken Watering Systems – What’s the Best?

When keeping poultry or chickens, a fresh water supply is crucial to your bird's health. But what are your choices? In today's tutorial we take a looking at manual water feeders and drinkers. And I'll be offering some advice to help you choose the right one.