About Kippax Farms

My names James Kippax, I farm (with my dad) and sell sheep from a family run farm in Lancashire, North West, England.

My name James Kippax and I live on a small family run farm in Burnley, North West England.

My family have been farming for over 5 generations. We’ve been dairy farmers, poultry farmers. We now we focus on selling sheep online, and selling cows online.

We sell big profitable sheep, that produce consistently good lambs that sell for a decent price at auction. And we’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

So if you buy from us, you’ll be buying from experienced farmers who know a thing or two. And we’ll be happy to show you a few things if you choose us when buying you livestock.


As well as farming, I really enjoy writing and putting together helpful tutorials which you can find on this site. My tutorials are aimed at farmers, homesteaders and smallholders and anyone else interested in livestock, farm and land management.

Outside of farming, Muay Thai other interestest are Thai Boxing and Music.