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Kippax Farms are 5th generation farmers based in Lancashire. We sell sheep and show you how to take care of them too. If you want to buy sheep & lambs, then click the button below

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Award winning sheep for the beginner or expert alike. Great for keeping the grass trim, or perhaps you want to raise your own meat

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Learn now raise and care for your sheep, cattle and hens. Our helpful artciles are aimed at begineer and immediate level alike

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Whether you are new to keeping sheep and cows, or you’re an experienced owner. I invite you to take a look at our livestock for sale. We offer good prices and a friendly service. And when you buy from us you’ll be supporting British farming too

James Kippax,

Kippax Farm Co-Owner & Farmer

It's Monday 3 AM, On A Cold Wet February Morning



he wind is howling around a little farm located on the edge of the Lancashire moors. Rain and sleet pour from the dark sky above. There is a chill in the air that’s so cold it cuts right through the body and deep into the bones.

Whilst others are tucked up in their warms beds, a man is outdoors and braving this unpleasant night. He needs to check on his sheep.

His destination is the barn in the distance. Over the dark muddy yard he walks, moving away from his cozy home. Inside the barn, there might be new life.

It’s lambing time. And the farmer needs to check his flock every hour or two. Even during the coldest of nights.

This is the place he has to check every hour for months.  Every day. Every evening. Every night. It’s tiring work.

This is a dance the farmer knows well. His family have been tending to livestock like this for over 120 years, and 5 generations. Battling all weathers, and all climates.

It’s a clear demonstration of the time, effort, and perseverance, that goes into breeding a Kippax Farm livestock.

And today, you too could own sheep, cows, and lambs with this heritage


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