Farming Search Engine

I'd mainly created this for my own research purposes. I've found it incredibly useful, so I thought I'd share it. I've combined my list of...

The Maran Chicken (The Complete Guide)

The Maran chicken breed was prominently used for utility, hybrid production. Their origin can traced back to France. They are hybrid of Faverolles and...
farm machinery

56 of the best tractor forums

A BIG list of over 56 of the best tractor forums. If you are looking to find parts, research models, or fix problems, check out this handy list
sleeping piggy

Electric Fencing for Pigs and Hogs – Beginners Guide

In this week's pig farming tutorial I will explain how use electric fencing with pigs and hogs, highlighting some best practices and approaches.
broody hen

What is a Broody Hen?

What is a Broody Chicken? How can you tell if your hen is just sitting or has gone broody? Click Here to learn more about broodies and their behavior